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What are thematic funds and which ones are popular with investors?

Globally, assets in thematic funds currently exceed 572,000 million euros, a figure that is expected to continue increasing. Until 2018 their annual growth was 37%, but it has skyrocketed in recent years, reaching 77% in 2020.

The largest debut since 2015: highlights of the Acciona Energía IPO

Acciona Energía, the renewable energy subsidiary of Acciona, debuted on the Madrid Stock Exchange yesterday with a starting price of € 26.73 per share and a stock market valuation of 8,800 million euros, figures set at the minimum of the indicative price range of the IPO.

Dividends, a factor of profitability

What does a company do with the profits it gets at the end of the fiscal year? There are several options: the company can reinvest them, or it can share them with stockholders as dividends.

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You are a shareholder, know your rights

Buying shares in a company makes us owners, even in a limited proportion. As shareholders, we must be aware of our rights and duties. In Spain, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) recommends knowing the most important rights, which are divided into two groups: political and economic.

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, goes public

Since the end of 2020, cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular have been grabbing the headlines after reaching all-time highs. Today they make history again thanks to the fact that the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase is going public.

2020, a historic year for IPOs

IPOs have led the global financial activity in an otherwise forgettable year. There has not been such a high level of capital raising and such a high volume of initial public offerings since 2007.
Soltec Power Holdings reactivates the Spanish Mercado Continuo with its IPO, after two years without any debuts.

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Soltec IPO brings light to the Spanish market

The renewable energy company Soltec Power Holdings reactivates the Spanish Mercado Continuo with its IPO, after two years without any debuts.

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Technology company Cuatroochenta takes BME Growth by storm

Cuatroochenta a digital cloud management and security solutions company based in Spain, has debuted on BME Growth (former MAB) with great success, experiencing a 49.73% rise and reaching a capitalization of 31.14 million euros.

MAB becomes BME Growth

The Alternative Stock Market (MAB), the SME stock market of BME, has become BME Growth after getting the European seal of SME Growth Market (Market for Expanding SMEs) granted by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).


SPACs, the new trend to go public in the US

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), also known as “blank check companies”, are specially created to raise capital through an OPV with the aim of merging or purchasing another existing company.

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Keys to public offerings

Public offerings are operations in which a company puts a portion of its shares up for sale. In general, they can be of two types:
Offerings of already existing shares belonging to one or several shareholders or Offerings of newly issued shares

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The primary market, an alternative way to invest

The primary market is the market in which newly created securities are sold and therefore they are offered to investors for the first time. When a company has financing needs, it can raise funds by issuing new shares and selling them.

IPOs, an opportunity to invest

When a company decides to go public, its shares are not directly listed on the stock exchange. First, the company must sell those shares to investors. This previous step is called Initial Public Offering (IPO).

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Going public, a challenge for companies

Going public usually represents a turning point in the history of a company, as it brings deep changes in its economic and organizational structure. From the moment a company is listed on a stock exchange, any investor can buy and sell its shares.

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With Euroffers, get on the train of your favorite companies before they go public

Could you imagine having had the opportunity to invest in Google a week before going public? Thanks to Euroffers, what was previously reserved only for professional investors is available to all from now on.